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Do you want to feel like a royal?

   Well, in Downton Abbey you can! This marvelous residence will make you feel part of the English royal family. From it’s vast yard to its numerous rooms, this place is the eighth wonder of the world. Nothing can compare to it’s high standard service and activities, which include horse riding and sight seeing, among others. In addition, Downton Abbey is very well located as it is in the middle of the historic county of Yorkshire, so it is a great spot if you want to explore what it offers.

The Manor

The manor is a 19th century mansion that remains with its original architecture. It belonged to the Crawley family, who were well-positioned, wealthy people who after heritance struggles, they were able to keep the ownership of their properties within the family.

The house provides plenty of comfort. All the rooms have their own HD television, sofas, spacious dressers and their own bathroom, which are all from the Edwardian era. The bathrooms are actually separated into restroom and bathroom to make your stay even more comfortable. Depending on the room you book, the bathroom can also be equipped with a jacuzzi. The main suite, however, has even more to offer, like an incorporated dining room with a fireplace and living room. Additionally, each of the rooms have view to the field and the surrounding areas, and have a balcony with their own chairs and tables.

Dining and living rooms
Furthermore, the dinning room is large enough to let us serve our costumers to the highest of our standards depending on each of our clients’ preference. You are open to choose between eating while seated in a restful sofa by the fireplace or in a formal dinning table by the picture window.
Moreover, the manor itself has three different living rooms, all of them equipped with high technology features, such as HD televisions, Play Station 3, Play Station Move, five Mac Pro computers, among others. It also has a huge bookshelf with a vast variety of books, from the classic ones to the modern ones, and even some belong to the family collection.

Our great staff includes twenty maids, fifteen waiters, a chef with ten cooks, a gardener, a horse trainer, a winery supervisor, a zoo guide and a receptionist, all supervised by our administrator. All of our employees are hard workers, respectful, kind people who will assist you whenever needed. If you have any complaints or suggestions concerning someone from our staff you can notify the administrator, who will gladly solve the problem.

The Meadow and Its Activities

The meadow is the favorite place to spend the afternoon, as there are so many activities you can do and as it is so big (five hectares). Some of these activities are:
  • Sight seeing;
  • Horse ridding;
  • Feeding different animals, such as horses, goats, etc.;
  • Fruits harvest;
  • Winery visits.

Summing up, if you want to have a luxurious holiday in Yorkshire, you should totally stay in Downton Abbey, a place where you will fill like living in the Edwardian times, where you will enjoy family activities and where you will be served by the best of the best. Basically, a place that will make you feel like living in paradise.

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